Poonam Gupta Success Story: The 1000 Crore PG Paper Success Story

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Poonam Gupta Success Story: Most Indians move abroad to secure a high-paying job and live a prosperous life. However, after moving to Scotland, Poonam Gupta had a rocky start and struggled to secure a job. In this article, we will talk about Poonam Gupta and her journey to success through her startup, PG Paper.

A resident of Delhi Poonam got married in 2002 and moved to Scotland. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to secure a job, she started a company just out of the trash, and it is now worth more than 1000 crores or 120 million dollars. Impressive would be an understatement, to be very honest, as she started the company with the Scottish Government’s aid. Let us dive deep into the journey and get inspired.

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Poonam Gupta Success Story Early Life and Education

This is not just an entrepreneurial success story; it is a story of how Discipline, Hard work and willpower can make one reach the heights of success. Born in New Delhi on August 17, 1976, Poonam completed most of her studies in Delhi only. Poonam was excellent in her studies, hence securing admission to prestigious institutes like Lady Irwin School, Delhi Public School, and Lady Shri Ram College.

Poonam Gupta Success Story

She completed her Honors degree in Economics and followed it with an MBA in International Business and Marketing. She attained those degrees from the prestigious Delhi University, FORE School of Management, and Maastricht School of Management in Holland.

Marriage and initial struggles

Poonam Gupta with husband Puneet Gupta
Poonam Gupta with husband Puneet Gupta

Poonam married Puneet Gupta in the year 2002. She moved to Scotland as Puneet was already working in the health sector there. Poonam, who was academically sound, struggled to secure a job as she did not have prior experience, a common experience faced by many immigrants worldwide. From a rocky start to becoming one of the best-known women entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom, that’s the success story of Poonam Gupta.

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PG Paper Success Story: How it all started

During her multiple job interviews, Poonam noticed piles of waste paper in those offices, which was a common scene. During her unsuccessful interviews, the idea of the business was born, which not only gave her a first-mover advantage but to tap the untapped. The idea allowed Poonam to create a market of her own and, at the same time, help the environment. Supported by a Scottish Government Scheme, she started the business with an initial investment of just Rs 1 Lakh.

Her business took off as European and American companies would throw out tons of paper to maintain the best possible quality in the market. These companies would spend crores to dispose of this waste paper.

After thorough research, Poonam realised that these papers could be recycled and reused. An Italian company was the first to accept Poonam’s offer. She promised to pay them later for the papers but still, they agreed just to get rid of the liability. Poonam then sold the re-cycled paper in India and generated a revenue of a whopping Rs 40 Lakhs.

Poonam Gupta Success Story with PM Modi
Poonam Gupta Success Story with PM Modi

After her success, she started buying paper from different companies across Italy, Finland, Sweden, and the United States. She kept generating handsome revenues through these deals.

PG Paper post Initial Success

Though Poonam started the company in her residence in Kilmacolm, she registered the company as PG Paper in 2004 in Scotland. After growing at a rapid pace, she needed an ally to take on the added responsibility, so she approached her husband, Puneet, to join her. Puneet rejected the offer, stating she would not be able to afford him as he already had an annual package of Rs 80 lakhs, as reported by Bhaskar.

Poonam Gupta Success Story
Poonam Gupta Success Story

After the initial rejection, Puneet would join Poonam as a part-timer for the next 6 months. After Puneet agreed to work full 

time Poonam would go on and offer him a package of a whopping 1.5 crores.

PG Paper’s headquarters is in Custom House in Greenock, Scotland. The couple has also expanded the construction, IT and hospitality business. Poonam now owns companies like PG World, SAPP International, SAPP Holdings, SAPP Property, Punav, and EnVisage Dental Health.

With an annual revenue of 60 million pounds, her company operates in more than 60 countries, with offices in India, the US, China, Sweden, and Turkey.

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Poonam Gupta Success Story on YouTube

Poonam Gupta’s Interview with Time Now Navbharat


We have shared the extraordinary story of Poonam Gupta Success Story. From her story, we can safely say that great things have a humble beginning. Starting her business from her family home to operating in over 60 countries was not an easy task. Poonam has shown us that not all businesses require a handsome investment but an idea that can change the world. She has also solved a major environmental problem along her journey, and ideas like this are required to make a sustainable future.

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What is the name of Poonam Gupta’s company?

PG Paper is the name of her company. Poonam Gupta also owns companies like PG World, SAPP International, SAPP Holdings, SAPP Property, and Punav, EnVisage Dental Health.

What is the turnover of PG Paper Company Ltd?

PG Paper Company Ltd’s annual revenue is over 60 million pounds.

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