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India Vs Pakistan Recharge Plans: Internet data more expensive in Pakistan, you will be shocked to know the plans

Written by Imtiaz

Published on:

India Vs Pakistan Recharge Plans: Nowadays. Access to information has become very easy thanks to the internet. In order to use the internet, one needs to have an active data plan. The prices of Internet data packs vary in different countries. India is one of the cheapest countries in terms of data prices. After Jio’s entry in 2016, the price of data went down significantly. After the Jio revolution, India’s digital growth has set a benchmark across the globe.

Do you know what the price of internet data is in Pakistan? You will be shocked to know the price of internet data in Pakistan. Check out the differences in internet data prices and validity in India and Pakistan below.

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India Vs Pakistan Recharge Plans

Zhong Pakistan

The difference in the price of mobile data between India and Pakistan is quite evident. When it comes to one of the cheapest data packs in Pakistan, Chinese telecom operator Zong offers 2.5 GB internet data with a full month’s validity on a Rs 500 recharge plan. This plan also includes unlimited voice calls only on Zong’s own network and 250 minutes per call on other networks, along with unlimited SMS. The network type is 4G.

On the other hand, Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio is giving 3GB internet data per day + 6GB (within the validity of the pack) with a validity of 28 days in its Rs 399 recharge plan. Apart from this, unlimited voice calls are offered not only in Jio’s network but in all other networks as well, along with 100 SMS every day. So basically, Jio is offering 90GB + 6GB of data with a plan of 399. There are other cheaper plans as well, and Jio offers a minimum of 1 GB of data with all the plans.

Reliance Jio

Apart from this, Jio is also giving subscriptions to the said 399 pack of JioCinema, JioTV and JioCloud. Thanks to JioCinema and JioTV, you can watch your favourite movies, TV serials and web series on your mobile phone. The best part of Jio is that in selected locations, you get the latest 5G network with speeds up to 1GBPS. Pakistan is yet to get 5G service.

Zhong (Rs. 500 pack)Jio (Rs. 399 pack)
Validity – 30 DaysValidity -28 Days
Data- 2GBData- 90GB+ 6GB
Unlimited Voice Call on Zong Network
Other Network 250 Mins
Unlimited Voice Call on All Networks
Unlimited SMS2800 SMS per pack Validity
No OTT serviceJioCinema & JioTV Mobile
Network type- 4G onlyNetwork type- 5G and 4G

Mobile Data Price in Pakistan

If we talk about the price of 1GB of mobile internet data in Pakistan, to recharge 1GB of internet data in Pakistan, one has to pay approximately Rs 29.72. Pakistan comes 7th in the list after Bangladesh in providing cheap internet data in Asia. 29.72 rupees is approximately 0.36 in US dollars. Pakistan is getting about two times more expensive internet data in comparison to India.

Mobile Data Price in India

According to WION, India ranks third when it comes to the lowest data price in the world after Israel and Italy. The cost of 1 GB of data costs only Rs. 14 or Rs. 15 in India, which stands at $0.17. Even 5 or 6 years ago, internet data used to be very expensive in India. With the entry of Jio and technological advancements, the Internet has become quite cheap in India, and as a result, a huge portion of the population has access to Internet services.

With the accessibility of the Internet, India’s overall economy has boomed. India now has more than 100 Unicorns thanks to the rise of the Internet. With the rise of Internet and EdTech startups, Indians can now enroll in courses that were previously out of reach to many. Apart from EdTech almost every services has become online in India.

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