Bikaji Success Story: The story of the 8th pass man who made a company worth Rs 8000 crore just by selling bhujia

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Bikaji Success Story: We Indians have always had a deep love for food, and our cuisines and snacks are famous all over the world. If you are one of those foodies, then there is a high probability that you have heard of Bikaji Namkeen, and you probably love it as well. Be it evening snacks or serving guests for an occasion, Bikaji Namkeen is among the most popular Indian snack brands not only in India but all over different parts of the globe.

There are many local players in the Namkeen and Snacks category. Still, Bikaji Foods International Ltd is one of the few large players in the segment, with a valuation of over a whopping 8000 crores or the prestigious 1-billion-dollar mark. Do you know how Bikaji became such a huge company? If not, then today we will tell you about Bikaji Success Story and how it managed to achieve such a huge success.

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Founder of Bikaji Foods International Ltd

Shivratan Agarwal, the founder of Bikaji Foods International Ltd

Shivratan Agarwal is the man behind Bikaji Foods International Ltd. He founded the brand in 1987. Shivratan Agarwal is the grandson of Ganga Bishan Agarwal, the same Ganga Bishan Agarwal who is the founder of India’s biggest Namkeen Snacks brand, Haldiram Snacks Pvt. Ltd. Shivratan’s father Moolchand Agarwal was also involved in the namkeen manufacturing business. In the 1980s, Shivratan decided he would part ways with ‘Haldiram’ to create his own path and identity. He travelled all over the world in search of the best technology to manufacture bhujia on a large scale. After he cracked the code, there was no looking back.

Bikaji Success Story: How it all started

Shivratan Agarwal, the founder of Bikaji Foods International Ltd

Shivratan Agarwal is both the founder and director of Bikaji Foods. Both his father and grandfather were in the namkeen making business, and the name of their company is ‘Halidram‘. Since childhood, Shivratan had an immense interest in the business after watching his father and grandfather making namkeen on a grand scale. 

This is the reason why Shivratan dropped out at a very tender age after completing his 8th class. After dropping out, he started working in ‘Halidram‘ with his family. Haldiram was started in Kolkata in the 1950s and gained immense popularity and success. After the immense success, several fights started among the family members over different issues, and from there, Shivratan planned to start his own company.

Bikaji Foods was established as Shivdeep Food Products in 1986 by Shiv Ratan Agarwal. Shivratan launched the Bikaji brand in 1993. The company started exporting its products to the United Arab Emirates and Australia in 1994 and 1996, respectively.

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Started Making different Snacks

After starting Bikaji Foods, Shivratan started working hard to take his company forward. To take the company forward rapidly, Shivratan started making different types of snacks in the company. At this time, Bikaji Foods makes salty and different types of sweet snacks. Within ten years of business, Bikaji started exporting to various parts of the world, hence the rapid growth.

Today it has become a company worth over 8000 crores

Bikaji Success Story

Bikaji Company, which started in 1993, has become a company with a valuation worth more than Rs 8000 crores or 1 billion dollars today. Today, Bikaji makes more than 300 namkeen varieties and produces more than 200 tonnes of snacks daily. Today, Bikaji Food’s business is spread to more than 40 countries.

According to reports, in the year FY22, Bikaji generated a revenue of about Rs 1600 crore, and the valuation of the company is more than 1 billion dollars. Today, Bikaji Food Company has achieved great success and is the third-largest snack manufacturer in India.

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Bikaji Success Story Overview

TitleBikaji Success Story
Name of the companyBikaji Foods
FounderShivratan Agarwal
Foundedas Shivdeep Food Products in 1986
HometownUdaipur, Rajasthan, India
Bikaji Revenue (FY 2022)₹1600 Crore
ValuationMore than 8000 Crore or 1 Billion Dollars
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Who is the CEO of Bikaji

Deepak Agarwal currently is the CEO of Bikaji Foods International Limited

Who is the owner of Haldiram and Bikaji?

Ganga Bishan Agarwal started Haldiram in the 1950s in Kolkata.
Bikaji was founded by Shivratan Agarwal and he is currently the director of Bikaji.

Who is the owner of Bikaji IPO?

Bikaji was founded by Shivratan Agarwal and he is currently the director of Bikaji.

What is the valuation of Bikaji?

Bikaji Food’s valuation is worth more than Rs 8000 crore or 1 Billion Dollars.

What is the share price of Bikaji?

as of 8th November, the price of 1 share of Bikaji Foods International Ltd is 520.00 INR

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