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The Biggies Burger Story: This Indian Entrepreneur built a 100 crore company by selling burgers!

Written by Imtiaz

Published on:

Biggies Burger Story: In recent times India has seen a lot of startups making it big and one such story is the Biggies Burger Story. Biraja Rout is the genius behind the food chain. Indian market as we all know is a difficult nut to crack still, Biraja managed to beat the international competition and rise as one of the leading Indian food chains in the country.

Biraja Rout who hails from Bhubaneswar, Odisha moved to Bengaluru in 2011 and then he had the idea of starting his chain literally with no business experience. Biraja started with a modest 20,000 from a kiosk near his office. From a modest 20,000, he has built a company that has more than 100 crores in revenue and that is super impressive.

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The Biggies Burger Story How It Started

After moving to Bangalore from Bhubaneswar Biraja had his first experience eating a burger and was mesmerised at the age of 21. As per, Biraja said “I was aware of the famous Vada pav from Mumbai, but I had never seen a burger all my life. I was aghast to know that despite its existence across the world as well as in some parts of India, it was unavailable in my hometown,”

Then during his research about burgers, Biraja found that there were no Indian burger chains and he saw an opportunity to grow a homegrown global burger QSR chain from India.

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The Biggies Burger Story Financial Struggles

Biraja as mentioned previously started with a meager 20,000 Rupees and his financial situation was not that great. He had a basic idea of ingredients that are used in burgers and learned the art of making burgers from Blogs and YouTube channels. After diving deep into the making process Biraja came up with a small 5X5 feet kiosk near his office. Food enthusiasts soon started coming from all around and today Biggies Burger is a franchise-led business.

biggies burger Started in 2011
Biggies Burger Started in 2011

In a podcast, Biraja said that his roommate Subrat took a loan of 1.5 Lakhs to support him. He even mentioned that he used to buy lettuce with a credit card as his financial situation was not good. This hardship has taught him, to run a business efficiently.

The Biggies Burger Success Story

Biraja used to save ₹ 2,000 every month in the beginning and dreamed of creating his own global burger Quick Service Restaurant. With no prior experience in business and knowledge of making a burger Biraja has indeed come a long way and is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs. The struggles of starting the business yielded an Initial result when one of his customers volunteered to take a franchise of Biggies Burger.

Key people of Biggies Burger
Key people of Biggies Burger

Biggies Burger Story Success Timeline

  • Biggies Burger was born in 2011 as a food enterprise under the parent company Beamer Food & Beverages
  • Biggies Burger started gaining popularity in 2014 and turned into a multi-location venture
  • As a result, the team size grew to 30
  • The franchise model was first introduced in the year 2016.
  • In 2017 Biggies Burger saw a massive jump in demand and expanded into 21 stores across India.
  • Future Global Expansion
Biggies Burger Outlet

Biggies Burger Price

The burgers cost between 150 and 200 rupees. Today it has 46 outlets in 14 cities each 400 sq feet which allows the customers to sit and enjoy their burgers. Biggies burgers has increased the range of its products, which remains healthy, as its products are grilled or baked, but not fried. Biggies burgers have lean meat, and they use wheat buns.

Biraja Rout’s Interview

As Biggies Burger reports it sells over 70 lakh burgers in a single day and as a result will cross the 100 crore revenue mark this year. Biggies Burger is the largest Indian burger QSR chain giving tough competition to the international giants.

Who is the founder of Biggies Burgers?

Biraja Rout is the founder of Biggies Burgers

How much revenue did Biggies Burgers achieve in 2023?

According to the reports, Biggies Burgers is going to generate a revenue of more than Rs 100 crore this year.

Where is Biggies Burger from?

Biggies Burger started in Bengaluru and now it has 46 outlets in 14 cities each

What is the legal name of Biggie Burger?

Beamer Food And Beverages Private Limited is the legal name of Biggie burger

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